How to burn abdominal fat

You’re tired of busting his hand over the abdomen to avoid seeing you’ve gained weight, you do not want more wide blouses instead of disguise makes you look many more pounds on you, then it’s time to learn how to burn abdominal fat . We will give you simple tips to make your stomach be the envy among your friends.

Intense and brief exercises

One recommendation to burn abdominal fat is to exercise, but the question is what kind of exercise. Well, experts have determined that to flatten the abdomen one of the most effective methods are interval workouts, something like the popular Tabata technique consisting of a specialized plan short bursts of exercise to burn fat . Worth consult your personal trainer.

Olive oil

Experts have determined that compounds in olive oil stimulate stomach hormones that tell the brain that you are full and therefore you reduce appetite. Ideally, consume some oil immersed in a piece of bread and drink it 15 minutes before each meal, this simple activity you will avoid unnecessary foods.

Hydrate well

It is true that 8 glasses of water help the body but when it comes to burn abdominal fat the matter comes in handy. The water activates your metabolism and when this is balanced helps with burning fat primarily in the abdominal area. Drinking water is important but too much can generate swelling and discomfort. Watch out

Food in the evening light

The ideal is to have dinner, but do it with healthy foods and up to two hours before bedtime. If you eat a pizza at night, burning calories will be very difficult during sleep. Therefore, eating light foods is best before bedtime. Perhaps it suits you know what foods to avoid at night.

Sleep well

As you know the benefits of sleep are essential for health. Adult women for example, require six to eight hours of sleep each night. It is very important to take the time to sleep very seriously. If you sleep fewer hours, perhaps the increase in hormones can prevent you to lose weight. Every time you wake your body is ready to activate your metabolism and burn fat, but if you have sleep disorder, there is no regulation of any kind.

Eating chocolate black

As additional data you have to eat black chocolate can help you burn fat. Experts have determined that this has significant amounts of zinc, compound turn increase levels of leptin, a hormone that regulates energy expenditure, appetite and fat storage. Course, you should take the advice carefully and do not overdo it. The important thing is that the black chocolate is low in sugar.